• Universal Mini ISO Microchip - 300 Pack (JANUARY 2024 ARRIVAL)

    $2,091.00 $1,491.00

    The standard MINI ISO Microchip for use nation wide for companion animals.

    Main Features:

    • ISO FDX-B type microchip
    • 15 digit microchip number
    • Disposable implanter design, microchip is pre-installed
    • Packaged individually in easy to open sterile bags
    • 6 duplicate labels for easy processing
    • Certified by ICAR
    • 1.4 x 8.5mm

    The all in one design makes implanting a breeze. Microchip is pre-installed within the disposable implanter, just tear open bag, remove safety lid and implant.

    A Microchip Registration Card will be Included for each microchip directing pet owner as to where they can register their pet for a Lifetime.