• Starter Bundle - Includes 10 Free Microchips (January 2024 Arrival)


    This bundle includes 1 Microchip Reader, 30 of our Standard Universal ISO Microchips, & an additional 10 microchips FREE!

    The Standard ISO Microchip for use nation wide for companion animals.

    Main Features:

    • ISO FDX-B type microchip
    • 15 digit microchip number
    • Disposable implanter design, microchip is pre-installed
    • Packaged individually in easy to open sterile bags
    • 6 duplicate labels for easy processing
    • Certified by ICAR
    • 2.12x12mm

    The all in one design makes implanting a breeze. Microchip is pre-installed within the disposable implanter, just tear open bag, remove safety lid and implant.

    This scanner reads FDX-B microchips, and is ideal for those using k9microchips.com as their sole microchip supplier.


    1. Reads common ISO11784/11785 RFID animal tags
    2. Easy operation, reading with only one button
    3. The display comes with backlight for easy reading in dark environment
    4. Rechargeable; USB cable included